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Hi, I’m Kerri! 

I’m the Founder, Recipe Developer, Voice, and Food Photographer behind the Kerri-Ann’s Kravings Food Blog.

This is a space where I share nostalgic foods influenced by the foods I grew up eating in Jamaica and the ones I have enjoyed over the years living here in America and my travels.

You’ll find your favorite Caribbean recipes with a modern twist infused with all those robust flavors that immediately transport you and your tastebuds to the Caribbean. It’s a food blog fueled by scotch bonnet peppers, copious amounts of coconut milk, pimento seeds, fresh thyme (I am OBSESSED with fresh thyme), Jamaican rum, plantains, ripe or green the obsession is real, Jamaican curry powder, spicy jerk sauce, annnnnnd, of course, it sways to the riddim of some sweet sweet reggae music! **Cue Beres.* Basically all the beautiful flavors and vibes of Jamaica. If this speaks to you —-you should definitely stick around and also get on our newsletter so you never miss any new recipes.

I initially created this space as a creative outlet for my love for all things Caribbean food. A space where I would highlight easy-to-follow, delicious, and approachable Caribbean Inspired comfort food recipes for everyday life home, and entertaining.

This beautiful online space has evolved into an amazing community of food enthusiasts and home cooks who share my passion for delicious recipes, DIY pantry essentials, and kitchen hacks and tips.

My goals/hopes are to help foodies and home cooks feel excited (and comfortable) creating their own re-creation of my recipes at home and creating a dish they can be proud of as well as the courage to try something new!

Discovering and developing recipes I share at home and with you and my online community brings me immense joy and nourishes my soul. I truly love it HERE!


Kerri-Ann Camille

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica prior to migrating to the USA a few moons ago.  I currently reside in the lush Hudson Valley in New York (by way of the boogie down the Bronx!). I rep Kingston and Bronx all day. I’m still Kerri from the block lol.

Outside of creating flavorful dishes, you can find me binging on Brit Box (I love period dramas), spending time with family, and enjoying copious cups of hot tea because when it comes to tea–more is MORE!!! I’m also beyond obsessed with all things Home Goods. A good Home Goods find is like Christmas in July. I love scouting new home decor for my indoor and outdoor spaces! My home is my staycation and happy place.

Prior to my culinary journey, for nearly 2 decades I held numerous roles in Sales Administration at Pfizer, Inc.  This now felt like a lifetime ago. It’s funny how you think your life would go one way and BAM! The next thing you know you are on a completely different path that feeds your creativity and sets your soul on fire.  Food blogging found me and I truly love it HERE!

If you KRAVE BIG, BOLD, and EXPLOSIVE Caribbean flavors, pull up to my table! You’ll Love it there too and I would love to have you. xo


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