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Hi, Wah Gwaan! Welcome to Kerri-Ann’s Kravings, a blog where your taste buds can roam freely. My name is Kerri-Ann, a self-taught home chef, and full-time foodie. I am also the Voice, Recipe Developer & Content Creator behind this food blog.

I am a Jamaican born (#islandgal) currently living in New York. Kerri-Ann’s Kravings is fueled by scotch bonnet peppers, copious amounts of coconut milk, fresh thyme (fresh thyme means to me what fresh garlic means to most people —-love itttttt), Jamaican rum, plantains, ripe or green the obsession is real andddddd, of course, some sweet reggae music! You’ll find your favorite recipes with a modern twist, which will leave you wanting more. They’ll be infused with all those robust flavors straight out of the Caribbean. If I can add coconut milk… it’s going in. Same for alcohol. You get the picture. 

I love playing around with different flavors and textures and often borrow from other cuisines to create explosive flavor combinations. Life is too short for boring and bland food. Not to worry, your taste buds will thank you because you won’t find those here.

My goal is for YOU is to rediscover and ignite your passion for cooking and serve up delicious eats for you and the rest of your krew. I hope to encourage YOU to try something new as well.

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